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Pilchuck Glass School Auction 2007
"Now and Then: Lee Deco"

     October 26th is Pilchuck Glass School's 29th annual fundraiser gala in Seattle, Washington.
Approximately 350 glass artists from around the world were selected to participate in this special
fundraiser that supports scholarships and programs at the prestigious glass institution.

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Neck Collar
Rotating focal beads of fused and cast glass. Hand-carved with 24K gold trim.
14/20K gold wire with Swarovski crystal accent beads.
Padded neck collar with woven seed beads

The Now and Then: Lee Deco
neckpiece is inspired by
the theater architecture
of S. Charles Lee. Since
many of his movie houses
have been demolished, they
survive only in black and
white archival photos.The
five fused glass focal beads
incorporate the elaborate deco
motifs so prevalent in his
long-lost theatre buildings
and can be swiveled to show
either full color (now)
or black and white (then).
Now and Then, color side Now and Then, Black and White side

Now and Then on model

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