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The Apocalyptic Prom

A study in glass

"I wanted to create something that had been lurking in my imagination for quite a while.
Nothing...nothing ever stops the prom. Even after world-altering demolition and destruction,
the queen prepares for her big day. Under the determined protection of her chaperone, she dons
her crystaline attire, designed to attract as well as repel."

Click for larger view Pyro Neckpiece

Cut and etched glass. Plastic tubing
Dichroic accent clasp.
Pyro Braclet

Cut and etched glass. Aluminum spacers and bolts.

Click for larger view
Click for Larger view The Apocalyptic Prom Queen

Cut and etched glass with plastic tubing,
aluminum spacer and bolts, and dichroic accent clasp

Every prom needs a chaperone...

Click for larger view

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