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Racine Art Museum

Cutting Edge: RAM explores Contemporary Glass Jewelry
October 28, 2012 - February 17, 2013

Barrett Artistry was invited to participate in a special group exhibittion commemorating the 50th anniversary of the
glass art movement. Five unique pieces were selected for the show.

"Following a historical precedent for utilizing glass in adornment,
contemporary artists create dynamic art jewelry that underscores the
aesthetic and theoretical potential of an ancient material. This
exhibition represents the intersection of two important elements of
artistic production—art jewelry and glass. Whether engaging with
long-standing traditions, such as producing millefiore beads, or
utilizing glass in equally compelling yet inherently modern conceptual
frameworks—these artists emphasize the flexibility and variability of
glass as a medium for expression."
Click for full view All Eyes Are Upon You

Fused and handpainted glass. Stainless steel wire.
sterling findings. Creates the illusion of the eyes
following the observer when viewed from different angles.
Precious Beads

Fused color and clear art glass. Embedded 24K gold foil.
Hand drilled.
Click for full view
Click for full view Where the River Flows

Fused dichroic and art glass. Burnished 24K gold
exterior. Gold-filled findings.
Aspects of Adele

Fused dichroic and color art glass.Handpainted portrait.
24K gold accents. Gold-filled wire and findings. A homage to
Gustav Klimt's portrait of Adele Bauer, the curvy shapes
mimic the outline of Adele's hair from the iconic painting.
Click for full view
Click for full view Geodesic Necklace

Fused art glass. Stainless steel orthodontic wire.
Sterling beads. Inspired by midcentury modern

Please contact the studio for options and pricing information