About Dolores Barrett



 Dolores Barrett was born in San Mateo, California in 1961 and pursued a career
in music, specializing in orchestral and choral conducting. In 1999 she discovered her talent
as a fine porcelain artist and her meticulous canine portraiture soon appeared at
prestigious kennel clubs across the United States. She was introduced to the medium
of glass in the summer of 2002 while attending an international porcelain conference.
The allure of art glass ignited a new passion in her work and she soon devoted her
energies to the evolution of glass adornment in both fused and laminated forms.

Ms. Barrett's unique style of glass jewelry regularly appears in various national
and international exhibitions. She was a finalist in the 2004 international EMERGE glass
competition sponsored by Bullseye Glass Company, and has been selected to participate in
the Pilchuck Glass School's annual exhibition and auction in Seattle since 2005. She was
awarded a scholarship to attend the prestigious Pilchuck Glass School during the summer
of 2008. In the 2009, she was selected as a featured artist in The Ventura Museum's
special exhibit Telling Our Stories, and participated in Wheaton Art's GlassWeekend
from 2011 to 2017.

A keen eye for color and design, as well as atypical use of the glass medium, has
garnered her attention from a growing number of collectors around the United States.
The artist enjoys the challenge of special commissions, and her work can be purchased
from an array of fine stores and galleries.